The Symbols

The Symbols are exploding out of the Colorado music scene.  Described by many as "Spiritual porn rock", The Symbols aren't trying to blend in. Their original music is a montage of rock, funk, and blues into a pop matrix. With complimentary guitar and vocal sounds and a harmony between its members, the love, energy and sound of this new female-fronted power trio is infecting people's hearts in theaters and festivals across America. 


New Music Video!

The Symbols announce a new album coming soon.  We can't tell you anything about it, and we won't have it for sale online.  This is for the fans only.  You will only be able to purchase a copy at a Symbols' concert.  

SMILE is doing very well!  Thank you for your support!
You can order your hard copy and it will be mailed to you.  
To download and/or hear samples, visit this link.  
We look forward to sharing it with you!

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45th Capitol Hill Peoples' Fair

Musicians in Action Stage, Civic Center Park, 14th and Broadway, Denver, CO

MIA mobilizes musicians to aid Colorado’s homeless population.

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