The Symbols

The Symbols are exploding out of the Colorado music scene.  Self described as "Spiritual porn rock", The Symbols aren't trying to blend in. Their original music is a montage of rock, funk, and blues into a pop matrix. With complimentary guitar and vocal sounds and a harmony between its members, the love, energy and sound of this new female-fronted power trio is infecting people's hearts in theaters and festivals across America. 

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September 2014 News

September whisked by us all.  
I lost my grandmother this month.  RIP Grandma Marian K. Judd, 90.  
Last week, my brother and I were flown out to San Francisco to attend Marian's funeral.  
She was cremated, and her ashes mixed with native wild flower seeds of the bay area.  
We climbed atop of a local hilltop overlooking the bay and sprinkled her ashes and the seeds into the wind of the hill.  
Accompanying us were our remaining family and a few very close friends.  
At the ceremony, my uncle played his incredible meditative middle eastern dulcimer music, my brother and grandpa played a clarinet and organ classical duet, my cousin read poetry and gave an anthroposophy speech, and I sang "Down in the River to Pray" a capella, inviting everyone to sing along.  If you would like this at your funeral, I'm only $50 for this song.  :) 

We played nearly 15 dates this month, which is a good number for us.  

September isn't over yet!

Don't forget to visit us at Herman's Hideaway on Thursday, September 25th for the benefit for my  friend's cousin who was murdered.  It benefits his wife and the baby they are expecting.  The man was shot outside of my friend's apartment, when he argued with an apartment security guard.  Young David Ludewig was only 24 when he was shot and killed.  

On Friday the 26th, we will be doing an invites jam at The Stardust Lounge in Arvada, CO.  We will surprise you with cool celebrity guest sit ins.  

We are excited to announce our October dates, thus far:

Thursday, October 2nd, Tennyson's Tap, 9pm, Denver, CO
Thursday, October 9th, Lazy Dog Saloon, Boulder, CO
Friday, October 10th, Zodiac, Colorado Springs, CO
Saturday, October 11th, Private party, Fort Collins, CO
Thursday, October 23, Boulder Outlook, 7pm, Boulder, CO
Friday, October 24th, Whistle Pig Saloon, 9pm, Saratoga, WY
EVERY TUESDAY, The Symbols host Tuesday Bluesday - all styles open jam, @ The Boot Grill, 8:30-11:30pm, Fort Collins, CO

A big thank you to our fans and friends for coming out to see us at our shows.  
A big thank you to everybody who books our band and everybody who reads this message.

Enjoy your week and we hope to see you soon at a Symbols show!

Mer Sal
Lead singer
The Symbols