The Symbols

The Symbols are exploding out of the Colorado music scene.  Described by many as "Spiritual porn rock", The Symbols aren't trying to blend in. Their original music is a montage of rock, funk, and blues into a pop matrix. With complimentary guitar and vocal sounds and a harmony between its members, the love, energy and sound of this new female-fronted power trio is infecting people's hearts in theaters and festivals across America. 



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2015 News

There's a new album coming out this year, new videos, and new pictures! 

The Symbols are having an exciting start to 2015.  Jasco and Mer Sal have picked up sponsors Curt Mangan and Fishman.  Having tried many different strings out, The Symbols can say that Curt Mangan's strings are to the reliable standards of professional players, plus they sound and feel great.  The get a 20% discount on your next order of Curt Mangan Strings, use promo code Symbols20

Many thanks are in store to the incredible Phil Brown for producing a stunning new album for The Symbols.  
"Smile" is going to be released May 31st at The Recordium.  Smile is anticipated to be the band's first full-length album release.  

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