The Symbols

The Symbols are exploding out of the Colorado music scene.  Self described as "Spiritual porn rock", The Symbols aren't trying to blend in. Their original music is a montage of rock, funk, and blues into a pop matrix. With complimentary guitar and vocal sounds and a harmony between its members, the love, energy and sound of this new female-fronted power trio is infecting people's hearts in theaters and festivals across America. 

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July News

Thanks for the incredible month of June! 
Many thanks to John Catt with Blue Star Connection for having us to jam at Blues From the Top last weekend.  
We had a stellar time and it was good to hear so much music, meet so many friends, and enjoy so much nature!
A very special thanks to everybody who attended our shows last month, especially our CD RELEASE at Dicken's Opera House.  
What a fun time we had.  The DVD of the performance will be available for purchase soon, for those who missed.  

The Symbols will be playing at The Greeley Stampede Tuesday, July 1st on the main stage-- show up with your boots on and scream real loud!
July 3rd, we will be entertaining you at Rawlins Music in the Park in Rawlins, Wyoming.  If you live in Rawlins, this is your chance to see us again!
July 4th we play in Saratoga at The Whistle Pig, you ought to show up with your stripes on.  
July 11th we head all the way south down to Colorado Springs to perform a showcase at The Zodiac.  Colorado Springs, this is your chance to see us.  
July 12th we head down to Alamosa, Colorado to perform outdoors at a festival...
July 17th we get back to Fort Collins for a hometown reunion show at Avogadro's Number.  
July 26th we will head back to Wyoming but this time up to Centennial to the Bear Tree, with the awesome stage out back.  
We hope you enjoy your July and get out to see us, because we certainly would like to see you :)

For those of you who haven't heard the news yet, our new SPARKLE CD is out now! Grab a copy in our site store!

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  P.s. don't forget to join us August 2nd for the COPS biker rally and poker at Twin Peaks of Broomfield to honor fallen cops